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About Us
Advantages Working with Crimson Finance Fund
  • POF enables a business to fill a real order as received and increase its sales and profitability
  • POF enhances the borrower's business reputation as a reliable supplier
  • CFF has an individual approach to each customer
  • Efficient and prompt credit decisions
  • Flexible and competitively priced interest rate policy
  • Various types of collateral accepted
  • A dependable, long-term relationship
  • CFF is available when you need us

Who Can Apply for a Loan?

CFF provides loans to privately owned legal entities engaged in production, trade or services. The borrower will have an operating history and a permanent staff of between 7 and 200 employees. The borrower should be comfortable working in a new and challenging environment.

Companies in the following sectors are encouraged to apply for loans:

  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Wood products
  • Building Materials
  • Information and communication Technology (ICT)
  • Trade
  • Agriculture

CFF loans are available to companies in any region in the Republic of Kosovo.

How to Obtain a Loan?

Customers interested in obtaining a loan should submit a credit application. Credit applications are available from CFF's office in Pristina or by clicking here. Applications may be submitted electronically. Upon receipt of the application a Loan Officer will notify the customer whether or not the customer's request fits within CFF's credit and market guidelines.

If the request does fit within those guidelines, the following information will be requested:

  • Three years of financial statements, including cash flow statements and trial balances
  • The most recent eighteen months of bank statements
  • cash flow projections over the life of the loan.
  • A copy of the purchase order
  • A copy of the corporate registration
  • Additional documentation as necessary

Upon receipt of this information, the Loan Officer will prepare a credit analysis of the company, visit and examine the companies facilities and speak with the owners and management. If the application passes CFF's credit standards, a formal offer will be prepared for the customer covering terms, interest rates and collateral. When the customer and CFF reach an agreement on the conditions of the loan and the collateral is in place, the loan funds will be disbursed to the borrowing company.

The process is simplified for repeat borrowers.

Loan Terms and Conditions





Loan Purpose

Working capital loans for the purchase of materials and services to facilitate the production and delivery of goods and services to domestic and export markets.

Loan Size

From 10,000 EUR to 100,000 EUR.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are determined by several factors including macroeconomic conditions and CFF's perception of the credit quality of the borrower. Rates are calculated on an Annual Percentage Rate basis and are available upon request from the CFF Loan Officer.


Management Fee 2%


Loan maturities depend on the purpose of the loan and cash flow patterns. The minimum maturity is 30 days and the maximum maturity will not exceed one year.


Interest is paid monthly. Loan principal is repaid in interim payments determined by cash flow considerations. Management fees are payable with the loan agreement is signed. The amounts and timing of all principal repayments and interest payments are discussed with the client prior to the signing of the agreement and are provided to the client in writing.

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